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Veronica TM

That is a cute clip and the card is also beautiful. I have to check that director out. Thanks for the recommendation.
Enjoy all the fun and relaxing things to come!


"Not a bad life, eh?"... not at all! It all sounds wonderful to me... I'm looking forward to the Melbourne Film Festival coming up in July... to discover new films with handfuls of popcorn.
take care, g


you're at the hot springs today, huh? sounds so relaxing and fabulous. i wish i were there as i need to destress before my flight. beach scrabble and whale watching, too...oh do take lots of photos risa! xo shari

ps: that is the cutest blue footed booby card!



We are also excited about your trip up north to the tri-state area...Aunt Judy , and I want to wish you guys a wonderful anniversary and look forward to seeing you at the end of the month !!


oh i love wong kar wai and have never seen fallen angels! gotta!


I love the piggy clip! have you listen 2046 ost? you´ll like it


I love Chunking Express! It's one of my favorite movies too!

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