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oooh here in Mexico is the same thing,all the people loves the football, the last sunday Mexico wins against Iran, tomorrow against Angola i hope Mexico wins, and go to celebrate too.

Jose Andrade

Wow! must be crazy to be there right now!

Enjoy it!

I'm sure you are having a blast looking at all crazy ecuadorians going nuts over a soccer tournament. Like a SuperBowl but a month long! hehe


it must be madness! wow! have fun:O

Monica Andrade

YES! We did it again! So good!...Now I don' know what is going to happen playing against Germany, because is like everybody knows now that Ecuador's team is being tough, So I guess Germany is going to do more than their best...I don't mean to be pesimistic, I'm trying to be realistic...Actually I'm nervous just thinking about the next game :)

Veronica TM

Isn't it exciting? And Argentina won 6-0 today! I feel like your photos. I remember when Argentina won the world cup. My mom, my sister, the dog and I, all in our tiny Fiat, stuck in happy traffic, flags everywhere. I try to explain it to Dave {my husband}, but I don't know if he understands. It is not very common here to have the whole country celebrating a {sport} victory together. I am glad you could experience this.

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