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Monica Andrade

What?! If I were not Ecuadorian, I would be afraid to visit the country! "Very racist society"? I wouldn't call that!. Yes, I admit that we still have a long, very long way to go, that's why we are called an 'underdevelop country' unfortunately. We have a very strong definition of class: high class, middle class and lower class, and geographically defined people: Costenos y Serranos, we have our differences, but who doesn't?!, I'm not saying is good, but we are still very ignorant society wise...But, as long as we are not killing each other on trying to reach supremacy...I think socioeconomic status is most highlighted in economically poor countries like mine, so we see and note the differences in each group of people not as meaning to be racist. When we say negro, negra, china, tonto, is not as a way to insult people or to make people feel less. When I came here I was advised -inmmediately- not to say the word 'negro' but 'african-american' or nothing at all (didn't know I was been racist before that) We are a very diversified country: there are dark skinned people, fair skinned, indigenous descendents and so, that's how we get our identity...From 10 years ago to the present we have make a lot of progress in this matter and still learning. Oh yes! there is always the "patan" that screams and insults in the corner...Just don't pay attention to those, please...Is not worth it.

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