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hi risa, what wonderful links! i really want a blanket and i can't wait to go back and browse through plumo. :) take care, shari


Oh how I love THOSE shoes also! Perhaps 'they' could buy 2 pairs...


risa, i wish that the world weren't so big, and that i could trudge right over with a huge box of woolen sweaters from my local thrift store...they sell them for 25 cents! (used to be a dime) x

Amanda Woodward

I adore those shoes, so so so wonderful & I got your finger puppet in the mail, did I already tell you that?! I just remembered that I needed to mention it again because I am constantly waking up and sticking it in Erics face while he's sleeping, finger puppets are lovely things!!! Thank you!! Also, I'm sorry I'm a bit behind on our emails!


Thank you! Plumo is very cool! Love those little blue ice cream sticks! (I think that's what it is!)


Hi! Thanks for the links!(especialmente el link de las amntas de fieltro;-)


those little popsicle holders are too cute!


I love that plumo! they have too many cool stuff! thanks for the links!

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