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So nice! You'll have to tell us all about it!


Hello there, I love the look of those Ecuadorian rag dolls... they look wonderful and so colourful! Cheers, LJ


hi risa-so glad you were able to go on an art outing this weekend. :) i love the work of sara fanelli, in particular. oh and the piece with the ecuadorian rag dolls is stunning. do tell us all about it when you have the chance to visit.


that magic pencil exhibition was on here in UK at the British Library, I also remember being a bit dissapointed with the images... but loved reading about the artists' processes.

Oswaldo Viteri's work look so interesting.


Looks like fun. I love art for children.


I love rag dolls...what I learned to call 'worry dolls'...I've always been drawn to those tiny little people made from scraps, so i really like this painting! Neat!


hi risa! i just received your package and i have to say that it is one of the most wonderful packages i have ever recieved. i love all of the cultural things that you included, and the stamps are just beautiful! thank you <33 i will be sending you something here shortly, maybe tomorrow.

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