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you two are very cute. the book sounds interesting too!


thanks for the review - the book sounds worth reading, and the photo of you two is lovely. belated thanks also for the present - i've been wearing the bracelet to death and am currently weighing up who is special enough to deserve the mini-postcard ;)

Amanda Woodward

what a beautiful couple!!!!!


Cute photo! I like that phrase "my intimate friend", it's true. That's interesting that the couple were so progressive in some facets, but not in others. I guess everyone is like that...


What a beautiful photo.


Julia is right "intimate friend" sounds so lovely! "Difference" is a changing factor... today is usual havings kids without beeing married or living in a homosexual couple. Imagine this 100 years ago!
Actually, I'm 36 and it was our 16 years of marriage in february! That's less usual today :)
I think everyone has the right to choose for himself!

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