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We are lucky in this country... I remember a Professor at my University telling us to spend more time in the library to research our thesis. So many in the class dreaded and hated the boring old library. She had spent time in Cuba where they have very small libraries and the students and scholars treasured the books. She told us how they would have a field day in our ginormous library... it really hit me that day how we're surrounded by such wealth and resources that we turn up our noses at. We feel entitled...yet we don't even make use of it. You're statement how some kids really *want* to go to school but can't made me remember this; how we somtimes ignore the doors that are open to us, while some people don't even have them.


Your entry made me remember that you are in an undeveloped poor country and how fortunate we are here in the USA. I understand how you felt about wanting to buy these children some "beautiful" things that may be unnecessary!!! It reminded me of work I did with an overwhelmed welfare mother - and one of the plans we set was for her to go for a manicure. It may have been frivolous - but she really neede to do something special for herself. We all need "treats". I wish I could send you some of the books we have laying around the house and no one has any use for. I know they would be appreciated.

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