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That's really scary reading, eh?
Anyway, I just found out you're living in Ecuador, are you originally from Ecuador?
I sure will give you tips on, where to go see some super danish design, whenever you get here!
Heck...I might even take you myself : )


it is scary! and nope, i'm not ecuadorian, just living here for a year or two. i'm from new york.


I just discovered your blog through kristina. I love it. It's really intersting to see where you are and lovely creative things you are posting about. I will be coming back to visit.


I suggest you run through campus screaming out sexual acts *in English*. This may be a little less controversial, yet still get a few people talking about sex. Or, just wear that t-shirt you found a few posts ago! Hee hee.


maybe i'll wear that shirt and nothing else. that'll get people talking for sure. although it may do more to stimulate conversations about mental health (something that is also needed) rather than sex. :)

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