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i am a new yorker who recently moved back to the states after spending two years in quito, ecuador. we now live in denver, co. i spend my days here participating in a range of activities: public health work (HIV/AIDS, STDs, drugs), cooking, sewing, collaging, and searching out vintage furniture and new restaurants.

many people ask me what "muerto de risa" means...literally it is dying with laughter, but as my name is risa it takes on a new meaning.

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food, cooking, interior design, travel, sewing, art journals, collage, mosaics, folk art, outsider art, handmade items, spanish, travel, harm reduction, lefty politics, movies-amelie, harold&maude, cinema paradiso, tim burton, comics, books- 100 years of solitude, James Baldwin, persepolis I & II, Roald Dahl, jazz, 70s soul, thrift shops, old photographs, sour pickles, sour candy