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Wow, your work sounds like a lot of fun, hope you're enjoying it! (stunning photo)


Risa, you are getting to experience all of Colorado...this shot is stunning!

lisa s

holy cow you are busy!
happy trails


Wow, that's a lot! Hope you are doing well x


wow risa - this is beautiful. what are you doing that it entails all of this wonderful travelling?


On the road exploring and seeing new things... hope you are having fun letting it all soak in.


Happy travels and happy new year. xo lj


Happy travels and happy new year. xo lj


your blog misses you.

a fanciful twist

Helooo Miss Lovely!!! Tons of hugs!!! xoxo, V

Mar de Color

Hola!! ¿dónde está metida? espero que bien, muy liada supongo... ¡te echamos de menos!


Dear Risa,
Thank you sooooooo much for dropping by on my blog and telling me about your GREAT news!!!!awww.....that is soooo wonderful!we are all fine and well thank you so much!loads of hugs and kisses to you!xoxo


following the traces of your "good news" I send you many many greetings...some birthday-ones amonge them- even if it's just over!
Hurray! I hope You're fine!!

a fanciful twist

Thinking of you... xoxo


I was scrolling through my bloglines and thought it had been a while! Hope that you are well and still enjoying Colorado!


Hope you are doing ok Risa?Thinking of you:)

Live In Australia

amazing photo. love the blue the white so pure

Perth Lawyers

Wish i could be there too. jealous you

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