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I don't know them but thank you for the tip!!!I will also pass it on to Lesley-Ann.She is very much into the movieworld especially like the ones you described!!
How are you pallie?
big hug for you


Hi risa! How are you? And how is the driving going? Love your post!! I heard of the first movie but I never saw it, and the second I never heard of but I want to watch them both! Thank you for the recommendation!! xxxx


I enjoyed Once also! I found myself humming the songs quite a bit after seeing it.

I'll have to check out the Alice Neel documentary.

lisa s

i love ms. neel. one of my all time favorite painters. i remember reading about the doc. in the nyt and meant to see it... thank you for the reminder!!

carol es


I just saw 51 Birch Street on DVD and it was really good/interesting. I haven't looked at your blog in forever. I am also in the process of moving, so life is hectic here and I will email you once we get settled.

Love & hugs,


My friend said she went to to see Once at the weekend and really enjoyed it! It's not out here in the UK until October sometime!

A Fanciful Twist

I am a movie addict! Must watch. Only not when I am tired! hehehehee


Always looking for movie ideas....we just watched 'Perfume'...quite interesting, quite disturbing...takes place in 17th century France (I think).

A young man obsessed with capturing scent.


Thanks for these reviews Risa. Must make a note of them. They both sound good to me.
Hope youre having a lovely weekend xxxx


Thanks for the movie reviews, the Alice Neel one sounds very interesting indeed.


Always up for a film recommendation from you, Risa. Thanks.

see you, g xo


Hi risa, hope you're well!
Thank you for the movie reviews, they both sound interesting!

simple me

another great soother for the soul.
I need desperately to go to the cinema. I haven't been for years.
thanks for the reviews ;)


I keep hearing about this Once movie. I'll have to see it now...

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