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How sweet! the colours are pretty!Can't wait to see your pull a part stuffed animal!Have fun making it!I just made a rabbit out of linen.It turned out great!I will put it on my blog later!Have a fun monday!xoxo Desirée


hubba hubba bunny love


I love the colors! Add to the list - boy don't I know that story. Take care Risa and thanks for sharing your latest acquisition, he is a beauty.


oh he is really cute and colourful - i like your new friend!! And it is different..where is he going to live in his new place?
have a lovely week xxx bh


gorgeous! i love the texture and the colors... and the pull-apart-y-ness of it :) very cute!


You know. If I were you I would open a store. Maybe with all Ecuadorian treasures??? You should get a huge container and start filling it up... Isn't that great idea. I mean, How lucky that youa re there.. you could do it Risa!!!


Wow, this is so very adorable. I love folk art, and this is so well made! I would love to sit and watch the artesans create their art pieces, wide-mouthed with heaps of admiration. :)


you're new friend is adorable - very vibrant and colourful!! love the textures!


the bunny is ever so sweet and cuddly!


He is wonderful.


Hi there Risa,
You know I love this new addition to your family/collection, right? Love him! And of course, I'd love to see the stuffie you would/will create. Yippee!
see you, g xo
(An email is on its way shortly, I have just been a little swamped...)


I don't think he looks sad in the first photo, just perhaps he is a poet and is thinking of his muse.

Veronica TM

i love your new friend! i just went to their site and i love the 'artesanias', especially the embroidery on the messenger bags. my dream is to travel through south america studying the crafts, mostly the mapuches in the patagonia.


Precioso :) thanks for post this I like the Chimborazo,bring me very beautiful memories

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