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tomato soup is a beautiful breakfast, you should be my breakfast consisted of Reece's Pieces.

I am not so proud...(shakes head in shame)

liz elayne

i have been wondering what to have for breakfast myself. breakfast food just doesn't sound good today...but tomato soup! yes! perfect. thanks for the idea. :)

i love the stripey socks!


i wish i had tomato soup for breakfast right now. how about left over ravioli, cold to boot?
i bought the same earrings from lisa for my friend deb! cute.
have a great weekend darling!


thanks for playing. (i probably won't be able to play until later today.)
i enjoyed reading about your photo. that's a funny breakfast!


thanks for your comments! the funny thing is that i ended up making eggs for lunch. :)


I like your apartment! I think it looks really cute! I also love those socks and earrings. =)


tomato soup for are adventurous...I usually eat yoghurt and fruit, a small bowl of multi-grain cereal and sometimes oatmeal raisin cookies with my coffee.

cute earrings and socks risa!
that reminds me, I forgot about my Fasion Friday blog.


Hi Risa, that display is wonderful - and the fox too!!


I love Shash's game, it's such a nice idea. Your earrings and socks are so cute, love the idea of tomato soup for breakfast and looking forward to seeing results of the quilt project, thanks!


Rise, your package came in the mail today. I love it, from the exotic stamps to the tea goodies and the cards :-) Thanks alot!


hello sweetie, your cabinet sure looks full of wonderful collected treasures!!
And i love stripey socks but can never find them for big feet!!
The earrings from Lisa are gorgeous!
Hope youre having a lovely weekend xxx


I just love your blog!!!I am so sorry I missed the teaparty.Should you ever do it again I'll be sure to post my tea post on time!You look great in those pics!Have a great weekend!many dutch greetings Desirée


i love this game! so nice to hear the story behind the photo... and your socks + earrings are so cute :)

Veronica TM

Lovely things you collected and are now sharing!
That project sounds very interesting!

lisa s

i heart the mecozy project.... it's such a good idea....

so glad your earrings are all better and that you can wear them... they look lovely and go great w/ the socks! woo hoo!


Ps: those earrings look so good on you. Besides the fact that I am sure earrings have always looked good on you because of your nice neck. I think that haircut is so good for showing off fun fabulous earrings....How are you? Banner? Let me know if I can help. xoxo


I love that little fox!!! I love the red earrings, as well. They look very good on you.


I heart the socks and earrings, as well as the lovely photos of Spain. I can't wait to see what you come up with for the paper quilt project, the whole idea is really exciting!


Love what you 'can't' see, Risa. They all flow from one to the next so beautifully.
see you, g xo


I like this game and might try to do a similar post in the future--so nice to envision all the things you can't see in a photo...nonetheless, so glad you shared the earrings & socks! Just love the red, especially the bluebell shape.

Tiel S-K

my niece eats left over homemade pasta for breakfast when she is at her nonna's house, she is 10. So I understand the whole savoury for breakfast thing.

I too am participating in the paper quilt an can't wait to see the goodies in the mail.

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